# Requirements

# General

  • Frontend and backend should get very high (> 80) points from Mozilla Observatory (opens new window).
  • Frontend should get near-100 points from Lighthouse (opens new window) test.
  • Both frontend and backend code sould be deployed via a fully automatic CI/CD procress.
  • All API traffic should have audition logs. (And we should provide users a log of their own activities for security purposes.)
  • We should write the API with speed in mind. The current API is implemented in very ad-hoc way and is difficult to optimize. Most simple queries should return in the order of 20-50 ms instead of the current 200-500 ms.

# Requirement Status

The following is a list of all requirements-related tickets with their status and very crude estimate of the scope of the work.

Name Status Weight
Requirements: UI / UX Started 16
Requirements: Users Started 16
Requirements: Tips Not Started 24
Requirements: Tickets Not Started 8
Requirements: Tags Started 4
Requirements: Subscriptions Not Started 16
Requirements: Songs Not Started 16
Requirements: Site analytics Not Started 8
Requirements: Shows Started 16
Requirements: Search Started 8
Requirements: Request System Started 16
Requirements: Playlist Converter Not Started 4
Requirements: Logs Not Started 8
Requirements: Groups Not Started 16
Requirements: Festivals Not Started 16
Requirements: Feedback Not Started 4
Requirements: Events Started 24
Requirements: Email sending Started 16
Requirements: DJs Not Started 16
Requirements: DJ Analytics Not Started 4
Requirements: Checklists Not Started 4
Requirements: Chat Started 16
Requirements: Backups Not Started 4
Requirements: Background tasks Started 4
Requirements: Authentication Started 16
Requirements: Admin functionality Not Started 8
    0 (~0d)

# Components

# Finalized