# Features and Roadmap

# Version 1.0

# Planned Features

  • Federated login
  • Zero-config events (start your streamer, confirm start from UI)
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Modern and promotable individual pages for DJs
  • Groups (allow events from multiple DJs)
  • Shows (similar events w/ individual promotion page, stats, etc)
  • Ability for listeners to support DJs
  • RSS-feeds for artists and shows (publish your own podcast anywhere)
  • Site-wide song database for better requests and play statistics

# Planned Roadmap

This is a tentative roadmap based on situation in February 2020.

  • Monthly preview-releases starting from 3/2020
  • Final release somewhere between Q4/2020 - Q4/2021 (expecting Django 3.1 and Vue 3 be out by then)
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