# UI / UX

Work in progress

This document is still under development.

# Technical

  • All v2 UIs should be rewritten for consistency.
  • We should use Tailwind CSS for better styling options and smaller bundle size.
  • We should aim to build a reusable component library.
  • All frontend components should be tested w/ Cypress.

# WIP: List of needed UI mockups

Following is a list of pages or features (many of which have several states) that need a full UI mockup. It's important to design these together as a group so that the end result feels unified and that relations between pages and functionalities are designed from the start.

  • Homepage
  • Homepage for logged in users
  • Login
  • Register
  • User profile (private)
  • Edit user profile
  • DJ dashboard
  • DJ statistics
  • Edit DJ profile
  • Manage feedback
  • Preview starting event
  • Upload track collection
  • Schedule new event
  • Create a show
  • Manage shows
  • Create a group
  • Manage groups
  • DJ event detail
  • Public event
  • Public show
  • DJ Public profile
  • Live event
  • Community (top-lists, artists, Backstage posts etc.)
  • Explore (tags, shows, artists)
  • Public tag detail
  • Subscription pricing
  • Subscribe for a subscription
  • PlaylistConverter